Meet Lexus & Nova

Meet Lexus & Nova

Lexus Rottweiler Mastiff Mix wearing bandanaNova Wearing dog bandana

I wanted to take a small moment and highlight all of our amazing ambassadors. They give so much to us as a small business with all of their kind words and support. We wouldn't be where we are today without them!

Meet Lexus & Nova @leuxs.nova

The Human Behind the account dog mom or dad:


Pups Birthday:

Nova April 23 2020 Lexus dec 31 2013 Breed: Nova Pitbull Mastiff, Lexus Mastiff Rottie

How did you and your pup meet?

Lexus was Adam’s so I joined their fam, nova I bought off Kijiji DONT HATE ME LOL

What is your favorite thing about them?

I love Nova's goofiness and I love Lexus’s affection

What is something you struggled with?

I never really had to train Lexus, for nova it’s her separation anxiety which has gotten better but she still has her days

What's your favorite activity to do with your pup?

Walks and adventures

What is one thing you would like everyone to know about them?

That they are the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet both with wild personalities

What's the best part about being a dog parent? Coming home to their love every dang day

Quick Bandanas or Bows/Bowties?

Bandanas !

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