Meet Otis

Meet Otis

I wanted to take a small moment and highlight all of our amazing ambassadors. They give so much to us as a small business with all of their kind words and support. We wouldn't be where we are today without them!

Meet Dog mom Ainsleigh and Pupperoni Otis check them out on Instagram @diaryofotis

Otis and Dog Mom Ainsleigh have been great supporters of our small Brand since January 2021. He has been the happiest pup always giving us the best #tot's while looking absolutely dapper in his Bowties and Collars. We are so excited to share a little look at what their story was like below.

Pups Birthday:

Unknown - but his gotcha day is November 21 2020


Rescue mixed breed. We think Yorkie maybe with Maltese. Open to any suggestions!

How did you and your pup meet?

Otis was found under a bridge in Taiwan by a lovely shelter. My boyfriends aunt knew we were looking for a little dog and sent us pictures. I knew right away he was the one and within a few months he was put on a plane to us. It was instant love!

What is your favorite thing about them?

Is it wrong to say everything?! He is just as needy as I am and we can nap and snuggle all day long. He’s my little shadow and now I can’t imagine what it would be like if I never met him.

What was your biggest training success? What is something you struggled with?

Since we got him late, training in general is a struggle. We’ve been working on little things and I’m super proud to train him to sit and wait, but he’s not the most patient little guy.

What's your favorite activity to do with your pup?

We love going on car rides and adventuring in the park. He loves to be off leash!

What is one thing you would like everyone to know about them?

That he’s just the sweetest! He had such a hard life from the start and we are so happy to have given him a beautiful one. He may be a little weird but he wins over everyone he meets.

What's the best part about being a dog parent?

Having the unconditional love and affection every day. They know exactly when you need a cuddle.

Anything else you'd love to share?

We are so happy to be a part of the Bossy Pupper family! Thank you for always helping us dress to impress.

Quick Bandanas or Bows/Bowties?

Bow ties all the way!


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