The Beginning

The Beginning

First off, I want to personally welcome you into our website. We have worked tirelessly over the last half a year to create a brand that we could truly stand behind.   

Let me introduce myself, my name is Laura, I am a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Commerce, Fashion Management Degree. Over the last two years I have had the wonderful privilege of becoming a dog mom to Tyson a Boston-Beagle Mix and Brooklyn a Boston Terrier. 


     When I tell you my outlook in life changed when I become a dog mom, I don't know if you would believe me, but it did, for the better. The amount of laughter and fun that these two crazies have brought to my life could not be described in any way. I wouldn't change anything in the last two years for the world. 

As I continued to learn about my beautiful babies, and their needs, I noticed that Brooklyn would get skin rashes here and there. Most of the time it was around her back and neck where either her collar, harness or jacket would rub. When I jumped on google on what to do and how to help I was lost with all the information out there. I spoke to our vet and they provided us first with an anti-bacterial shampoo to use, and later to an oatmeal shampoo for sensitive skins. 

However at the end of the day, she would still have rashes here and there. I found a Facebook group with other Boston Terriers in the area and was given the tip to look out for synthetic fabrics. This is my lightbulb moment, when I realized fabrics mattered and started to look for natural fabrics to help. 

In my opinion this is easier said then done, there is a lot of dog stuff out there but majority of it is nylon or polyester or blends. This is when I decided to put my fashion skills, and lack of sewing skills to use. I went to the local fabric store and bought way more fabric than one 20 LB dog could ever wear.

As I polished my sewing skills and learned a whole lot more about fabrics and uses, I decided to share my vision with everyone. The rest is as they say, history. Well history in the making.  I hope you stick around and join us on this incredible journey we have started.  We can't wait to share our amazing vision with you.