How to Measure Your Pet

 One of the questions and concerns that most pet parents have is purchasing the right size for their special fur friend. I'm here to provide a clear picture on how to measure your pet to ensure you get the absolute best fit for all of our products.

Lower Neck Measurement

 When to Use: This measurement is great to use when purchasing Bandanas, Infinity Scarves and Decorative Collars for Bowties and Sailor Bows.

 How to Measure: It's important to take into account the length of your pets neck when taking   this measurement. Find the largest part of your pets   neck, generally right above the shoulders and   below  where a normal flat collar would sit. Make   sure you can fit at least two fingers between the   tape and your pets neck. If your pet has a longer   coat, ensure that there is enough room between the tape and the fur of your pets neck for the fur to lie naturally.

 Why: When your pet wears a bandana we want them to be comfortable so ensuring there is enough room for them to move around is always important. We also want to make sure that when they are wearing one of our accessories it sits at the base of the neck for the best look.

Upper Neck Measurement


When to use: When purchasing a normal Flat Quick Release collar. 


How To Measure: Find the base of your pets head, almost right below the chin. Ensure that this measurement is tight with only about one to two fingers room.


Why: When purchasing a collar we don't want the collar to be able to slip over your pets head so taking the smallest measurement of the neck will help ensure it stays on. We want to ensure it is a snug fit without hurting our special furry friends. 

Head Measurement


 When to use: When measuring your pets neck for an infinity scarf.

 How to Measure: We want to try and measure your pets head at the largest part. The easiest way is to take the tape measurer and wrap it from the lower chin to the top of the head with again one to two fingers wiggle room.

 Why: When measure for an infinity scarf, we want to ensure that the scarf will be able to fit over the head.