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Bossy Pupper

Multi-Colored Houndstooth Backcountry Glamping Dog Bandana

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Neck Size (in inches)

Enjoy the outdoors with this soft multi-colored dog bandana. 

Made from wool mix, this soft flannel houndstooth is perfect for summer and outdoor adventures. 

The wool will help to ensure that smells and water aren't fully absorbed while the polyester helps give it the soft textured. The wool is carded than matted to give it its final finish. 

This style is not meant to be fitted tightly against the pups neck, so please remember to size up. When selecting the best size for your pet, please remember to add 1- 3 inches for extra fluff, growth, and comfort for your furry friend. In general this is at least 1-3 inches larger than their neck size. 


Personalization can be added to any Bandana! Add your cfurfriends name straight across or diagonally up the right side of the bandana. In either 1 inch font ( Small) or Medium (1.5 Inch) 

Thread Color will be automatically matched to make sure the best look.

Want add your personal touch?

Check out our colors below.

Give us the code when Typing in the name  


Be sure to hand wash these amazing bandanas in cold water and lay flat to try. Washing in a washing machine and/or dryer will shrink, tangle and damage the wool.

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